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Stop Targeted Killing of Doctors of Karachi

We are endeavoring to raise awareness against the heinous brutality of it's own kind. Pakistan and especially Karachi is the only city of this world where Doctors are being targeted and killed in the name of Religion and Terrorism. In Karachi 130 doctors killed, 150 kidnapped in two years only ... http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-2-239349-Karachi-130-doctors-killed-150-kidnapped-in-two-years Our dear friend and colleague Dr Haider was gunned down 2 days ago as a part of targeted killing of Karachi based doctors. He has left behind, 3 small children, a wife, 2 old parents and a big number of friends, students and colleagues. We condemn this crime and the other crimes linked to it, which are weakening our state and our integrity.We are against terrorism and we are a resilient group of people who know how to channel our anger into constructive voicing. Killing of a doctor:A preposterous crime or a strategically master-minded act of terror. Spreading terror to monopolize the state and driving man power out of the country, This is the ground reality. We demand justice for the deceased doctors. We demand that the government of Pakistan provide security to the doctors community. We demand monetary compensation for those doctors who have lost their lives in sectarian violence. We demand that the Government of Pakistan, specially the Govt of Sindh to takes strict action to catch the perpetrators. Please Support us in this cause and spread the word.

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