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Signatures for Stop Targeted Killing of Doctors of Karachi

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1 TariqKhan  
2 LailaYaqoob Stop targeted killing of Doctors
3 adinarauf  
4 Dr Uroojatif Plz stop this brutality
5 Dr.Syed M. RazaNaqvi stop killing doctors stop this brutalblood sheding
6 NaziaIftikhar Chase the killers and expose them.
7 ShahidaMirza I fuuly support the compain
8 AyeshaMalik  
9 NasirRashid  
10 ManzarHaque Stop this barbarism against doctors & save lives,not only official profession but all th lives which they are likely to save in our country.
11 FarwahSangji  
12 imranazmi Safe karachi, for future.
13 SarfarazHasni  
14 AliSyed Muhammad Stop the genocide of doctors.
15 MasroorMirza Save our Doctors community from these target killers and stop this brutal senseless killings ...
16 humanuzhat  
17 shafiqRehman It's time to stand together.
18 AlmasDanish I agree with Dr.Shazia
19 Dr. ZulfiSiddiqui Life or death is in hands of ALLAH,and after ALLAH u r the only one who can save yourself. May ALLAH keep all of us in safe custody. AMEEN
20 ShaziaMaqsood I am against the targeted killing of Pakistani doctors and I want my Government to save the innocent doctors.
21 Dr.FatehBurfat Stop Target Killing of Innocent people of karachi.
22 MrsdoktorRaza Its high time please do something to stop Traget Killing of doctors
23 Dr. SikandarHayat Stop doctors genocide in Karachi.
24 KhalidMuhammad  
25 farazazam It should be stopped It can be us or one of or family member the next time... Just think about the children of the Dr Haider Raza
26 Mrs AsgharAli all hands are together now, we want peace, we want to stop this war at any cost, please help us stop the killing of innocent peoples
27 Abdul RahimMagsi Save us from injustice of our state... Give us our right to live, earn money, be happy with our friends n family , prosper in our career, help our nation to live healthy n love poor or rich without any bias opinion !
28 zohairarizvi The government of Pakistan needs to take immediate action to stop these horrific killings. We can't sit here and watch this any longer! Too many families are losing loved ones!
29 ArsalanSiddiqui  
30 AQLEEMMUSTAFA Stop Targeted Killing of Doctors of Karachi
31 zeenatKhan the killing of any human being is to be condemned. How would Ex-President Zardari feel if his sister and her husband they were killed. The people of Karachi and sindh are already suffering but the brain drain that is occurring will leave a 20 year gap
32 Sadiaamir Strongly condemn this brutal killing of doctors in Karachi.
33 SajeelaNoreen Save doctors so that they can save u.
34 SamanaSafeer strongly condemn shia genocide!!
35 zafarsiddiqui  
36 ambernad  
37 ShaheenaBatool  
38 tabishsohail Against targeted killing of Doctors in Karachi.
39 MariamGardazi  
40 PeterMeuwissen  
41 seemaadnan We want justice.give protection to all doctors .arrest murderer of dr Haider Raza
42 AsfaWilliams  
43 Shaistakazmi  
44 KamranRazi I wish some one some one please stop these monsters killing innocent people including Doctors. May I ask them how many bystanders, people going to work or coming back from work or offering prayers in mosques were killed by Nabi Pak SW or killed by Sahabas
45 AsimDurrani Its the responsibility of the govt to give protection to each and every individual of this country. Now it's govt responsibility to find out the culprates who are killing the Doctors and bring them to justice before it's too late
46 uzmasiddiqui  
47 sabafatima  
48 WarisKhan  
49 AzraNanjiani  
50 ambersultana Stop this brutality
51 Dr. FerkhandaJaffery  
52 AyeshaOmer We strongly condemn attacks on all innocent people ! May ALLAH protect us all! Ameen May ALLAH bless him the highest place in Jannat and give his family sabar ! Ameen
53 salmaRizvi Iam unable to express the grief and the sorrow that I felt after reading this news.......
54 BushraKhan  
55 zehrahasan this should stop now!!!!
56 beenishyasir This is not the killing of doctors but the whole humanity. If its not gonna be stopped today ' noone would b there to save life of other people in return of putting owns life at risk.
57 NazRizvi May he rest in peace! iA
58 sohaibroomi Haider Raza was one of the known persons from our dog world who had marvelous knowledge and interest in it. He have been great to us all the time and this terrible news still looks unacceptable to me. We don't want blood sheds..we want to stop this!
59 Arshadullahkhan Dr.haider Raza is one of my senior fellow and he helped alot for my carrier. We have good friendly relationship.i am still in shocked for his tragic death. I strongly condem for his death.
60 YasirRizvi  
61 SyedaRizvi  
62 ZafarMahmood  
63 RaziKhan Irrepairable loss of precious lives must stop. Killer.s must get due and speedy trial and taken to gallows
64 KashifMahmood Strongly condemned killings of innocent Doctors
65 WasimRaza Government at all levels and all the law enforcement agencies should immediately take concrete measures to stop the killings of Doctors as well all the innocent people.
66 ImranShoukat This land belongs to the Hard working people of Pakistan, not to the scavengers. The civil society needs to unite as one force to save our nation from being burned down
67 irfankadri  
68 SalimahPirwani Condemn the brutal killing... assasinated shod be behind the baar & shud be hanged in front of all....
69 muhammad aziz ul haqsiddiqui  
70 jalalakber  
71 dr arifnazeer  
72 Dr. ArifKhan these terrorists are not humans they have no sense of humanity ...May ALLAH save all of us from these devils.May ALLAH bless the souls of the martyrs who became the victims of these non human incidents
73 wajidali  
74 HinaYousuf  
75 alishah Must stop!!!
76 obaidullah .
77 SaamiaShams I condemn brutal killing of doctors..
78 mariumateeq injustice needs to end
79 JahanzaibAli Please immediately Stop Killing Doctors. .these doctors are our asset. ..Army chief please take notice of this issue and take serious measures againts it.
80 samreenahmed one give their age,time,money to become doctor and in return only gets 2.50 rupees bullet.....
81 dr zahidpervez killing of doctors is killing the nation..stop it now or be ready to perish as nation
82 AskariKhan  
83 Muhammad TariqKhan Stop Killings of Doctors of karachi!
84 M FazlurRahman  
85 SeemaAnsari  
86 HadiaIftikhar  
87 Dr.mukarramAnsari Stop targeted killing of doctors
88 Dr HinaKhan Stop targeted killing of doctors
90 Dr. MudassarKhan  
91 MuhammadKhurram Stop this brutal killings of Maseehas of our beloved home land .. Other wise you will loose all .. Some will left the country and some will left the profession for serving humanity.. Please please stop this blood shedding ..
92 RizwanAzami  
93 MashoodAhsan  
94 sajidasuleman  
95 abidaSalim  
96 QaiserMangi  
97 GhazalaRehan  
98 SyedMuhammad Ali Please stop killing the Messiah
99 SadafNadeem  
100 Muhammad NadeemBhatti Please save our Professional Heroes